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سه شنبه 06 مرداد 1383, 18:06 عصر
نسخهء نهایی ActiveState Komodo 3.0 منتشر شد.
امکانات جدید این نسخه شامل موارد زیر می باشد:

-- Code browser and object browser

-- Increases developer productivity through facilitating easier code browsing.

-- New debugging system

-- Helps understand and fix bugs through a new system based on DBGP (an open debugger protocol standard). New capabilities include multi-session debugging, interactive debugging, enhanced variable viewers and a breakpoint manager.

-- Workgroup support

-- Facilitates collaboration through a "Shared Toolbox" so team-specific customizations can be shared between multiple users.

-- Find in files

-- Increases developer efficiency through allowing users to quickly search directories for files containing particular patterns.

-- Rx Toolkit

-- Redesigned from the ground up, the new tool kit supports Match, Match All, Replace, and Replace All.

-- Extensibility

-- Users can customize Komodo 3.0's interface and add menus and toolbars based on entries in the toolbox or loaded projects.

-- Macros & triggers

-- Reworked to allow easier recording, saving and editing of macros. The macro system allows power-users "deep" access into Komodo features, using familiar programming languages.

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