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دوشنبه 19 مرداد 1383, 08:00 صبح
Dear sir
You have told in the help file that wamp works under 2003 server. I have windows 2003 server enterprise installed on my computer. but when I install wamp on my system ,none of the 2 services start.from administrative tools I tried to start the two services manually but I became into these errors:

wampapache -->

The wampapache service on local computer started and then stopped. some services stop automaticaly if they have no work to do, for example, the Performance Logs and Alerts service.

wampmysqld -->

Could not start the wampmysqld service on Local Computer.
Error 1067 : The process terminated unexpectedly.

By the way I have already Installed php5 and mysql 5 alpha with IIS On my system.
Would you please help me in some ways?
Yours sincerely
Download Link : http://www.toutphp.com/wamp/wamp5_1.1.exe

دوشنبه 19 مرداد 1383, 08:34 صبح
هنگام استفاده از wamp شما باید IIS خودتون رو خاموش کنید (Stop!!).

چهارشنبه 02 دی 1383, 09:16 صبح
آقا این لینک کار نمی کنه
اگه میشه لینک جدیدش را بگذارید