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Port-to-process mapping allowing you to easily see which programs are using which ports/sockets.
IP-to-country resolving allowing you to easily see which country an IP address belongs to.
Packet-sniffing allowing you to spy on, record and analyse the transmissions sent/received by sockets and processes.
Hidden server detection allowing you to easily see invisible programs that use sockets - a method that generically detects virtually all known remote access trojans.
Bandwidth throttling allowing you to control the maximum send/receive speeds of sockets and processes.
Traffic Logging which logs all the socket information passing through your system.
Process termination with advanced Windows SeDebugPrivilege allowing you to terminate any Win32 process.
Socket termination allowing you to close individual sockets without affecting the parent process or other sockets.
Socket send/receive blocking allows you to prevent individual sockets from sending and/or receiving data.
Real-time activity watching
Traffic volume reporting allows you to see how many bytes and packets have been sent and received by individual sockets.
Socket creation reporting allows you to see when individual sockets were created.
Network utilities built-in allow you to Ping, Resolve, Traceroute, Whois, and view Statistics.
Whois search client with powerful fully-automatic and manual search options rivals standalone Whois clients in performance and results.
Advanced sorting with moveable and sortable columns and tabs allows you to analyse and filter on-screen data quickly and easily.
Internal databases allow you to cross-search ports and services, countries and domain codes.
World map allows you to see the geographic locations of resolved countries.
Multi-language support allows you to switch languages on the fly.
Configurable interface allowing you to give the program the exact look and feel you want.
Comprehensive documentation that is easy to understand allows you to quickly find the answer to virtually every question you'll ever have about Port Explorer.
Members area allows you to get instant support and answers when you need it, plus access to special members-only downloads.
Network Administrators will save time and effort in isolating, analysing and fixing network-related problems</span>


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واقعا دستتون درد نکنه :تشویق: . امکاناتش فوق العاده است . :strange:
تازه فهمیدم برو بچ چه برو بیایی دارن روی سیستممون و ما خودمون خبر نداریم :embr:

shayan resalati
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عزیز لینکی که دادی بسته شده دانلودش اگه لینک سالم بدی ممنون میشم :موفق:

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لینک بالا سالم هست.
دقت کنید که لینک دانلود مستقیم نیست و باید به صفحه مورد اشاره وارد شوید و عبارت Download Now را کلیک کنید.

روز خوش

shayan resalati
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درسته مسعود جان شرمنده ایراد از fire fox بود و من دانلودش کردم ممنون

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من یکی مثل همین نوشتم