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Symbol Files به چه درد میخورن و چه کاربردی در debugger ها دارند؟

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Symbol Files به چه درد میخورن و چه کاربردی در debugger ها دارند؟

از Microsoft® Windows® Internals, Fourth Edition

Symbol files contain the names of functions and variables. They are generated by the linker and used debuggers to reference and display these names during a debug session. This information is not usually stored in the binary image because it is not needed to execute the code. This means that binaries are smaller and faster. However, this means that when debugging, you must make sure that the debugger can access the symbol files that are associated with the images you are referencing during a debugging session.
To use any of the kernel debugging tools to examine internal Windows kernel data structures (such as the process list, thread blocks, loaded driver list, memory usage information, and so on), you must have the correct symbol files for at least the kernel image

Symbol table files must match the version of the image they were taken from. For example, if you install a Windows Service Pack or hot fix, you must obtain the matching, updated symbol files for at least the kernel image; otherwise, you'll get a checksum error when you try to load them with the kernel debugger.

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هر برنامه symbol file مخصوص به خودشو داره؟

و اینکه debugger چطور میتونه بفهمه که چه جور توابعی داخل symbol file هست که ازشون استفاده کنه؟

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هر فایل سیمبول خودشو داره
Program Debug Database (.pdb) فایل های

معمولا debugger ها یه قسمتی دارن که سیمبول ها رو بهشون می شناسونی

اما چه جوری دی باگر ها امضاء توابع داخل فایل ها رو تشخیص می دن رو نمی دونم

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PDB File Internals (http://www.informit.com/articles/article.aspx?p=22685)