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1-Why Your Customers Hate Your IVR System . . . and What You Can Do about It
IVR systems have a reputation-in many cases well deserved-for making customers want to take their business elsewhere. Most companies deploy voice self- service applications to cut staffing costs, and many believe that reduced customer satisfaction is a necessary tradeoff. But properly designed IVR applications can actually increase customer satisfaction. This white paper tells how to gain the benefits and avoid the pitfalls that lead to disgruntled customers. It explores potential problems, describes new technologies, and offers practical advice about how to create IVR applications that promote customer loyalty at the same time they help contain costs.

2-Assuring the Quality of VoiceXML-based IVR Systems
The buzz about VoiceXML-based IVR systems is justified. The technology promises to deliver richer and more dynamic voice applications even as implementation costs are reduced. The challenge for the implementer of a VoiceXML system is to understand how this new complexity affects the user experience. Pre-deployment load testing will need to get more sophisticated; but that is not enough, production management will be required to accurately measure the user experience once the system is operational.