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Piotr اولین نگارش Prevention Pack اش رو منتشر کرده ؛ احتمالا" اگر از جوآنا روتکووسکا ( که او هم لهستانی است و میشه تو اینویزیبل ثینگز دات کام پیداش کرد ) بگذریم ، کسی به اندازهء Piotr در این زمینه فعال نبوده ، فلذا این پک قطعا" باید چیز جالبی باشه خصوصا" که جزئیات عملکردش تو P63 ( که آخرین انتشارش هم بود ) ارائه شده ؛

Protty is a ring 3 library developed to protect against

shellcode execution on Windows NT based systems. The full

description of the mechanism was published within the

Phrack magazine volume #63, available here:


(sources of the initial release are also available) .

Currently Protty stops most known Windows shellcodes.

Moreover it can block some types of viruses which use

similiar methods as shellcodes do.

Main Protty v.01a (test phase) features are:

- Process Environment Block protection (currently 2 modules protection used)

- Structured Exception Handling protection

- Import section killing (currently main application only)

- Export section protection (currently 2 modules protection used)

- RtlEnterCrticialSection protecting (currently disabled)


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