View Full Version : IDA Plugin AppWizard - Visual C++ 6.0

دوشنبه 18 مهر 1384, 04:14 صبح

I would like to release to the community a little Visual C++ 6.0 AppWizard to automate the process of creating IDA plugins within the Visual C++ IDE.

The file IDAPlugin.awx must be copied into <Visual_Studio_Inst_Dir>\Common\MSDev98\Template\ directory.

In order to properly set up the environment the Wizard will ask the plugin developer the IDA's SDK directory location and IDA's plugins directory.

After the correct build of your plugin, it will then be copied directly into IDA's plugins directory by the VC++ "after build process", so be careful naming your plugin in a unique way if you don't want to overwrite any of the IDA's or other's plugins.
This plugin has been developed using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Pro, Service Pack 6 and is targeted to be used in the same environment.

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