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SDE for Visual Studio .NET (SE) for Windows - 3.0 Standard Edition

by Visual Paradigm.
Visual Paradigm SDE for Visual Studio .NET is a UML CASE tool/plug-in tightly integrated
with Visual Studio .NET. This OO modeling tool supports full software development lifecycle
- analysis, design, implementation, testing and deployment. This UML software helps you
build quality applications faster, better and cheaper. You can draw all types of UML
diagrams in Visual Studio .NET, generate C# code, reverse engineer C# code to class
diagrams and generate documentation. SDE Features: +The latest UML support +Use Case
Details Editor - An all-in-one environment for specifying a use case's details including
general model specification and use case descriptions +Full Screen Diagram Editing -
Maximizes the diagramming area +Sweeper - Drag to sweep shapes aside to make room for
creating new shapes. +CRC Card for finding objects +Business Workflow diagram +Reverse
engineering - code to diagram, code to model (C# to UML models, C# to UML diagram) +Instant
Reverse for C#, C++, Java, XML, Dot NET dll/exe, CORBA IDL, Hibernate mapping file... +Code
Generation - diagram to code, model to code (UML to code, UML model to C#) +Incremental
round-trip engineering +Automatic synchronization between diagrams and source code
+Template and plugin +Automatic diagram layout - rearrange shapes and connectors on
diagrams in elegant styles +Import XMI/export XMI +Import Rational Rose model +Export
diagrams to SVG, PNG, JPG +Visio Integration - draw UML diagrams with MS Visio stencils
+Report generator for generating UML documentation to PDF or HTML +Version control
+Multilingual support +More... Other UML Modeling Tools / UML Plugins: Windows Platform:
+SDE for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Java Platform (Windows/Linux/Mac OS X): +SDE for
Oracle JDeveloper +SDE for IBM WebSphere (WSAD) +SDE for Borland JBuilder +SDE for IntelliJ
IDEA +SDE for Eclipse +SDE for NetBeans +SDE for Sun ONE +SDE for WebLogic Workshop +More

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