Project is an implementation of a Packet Sniffer that captures packet in a LAN environment using Microsoft .NET environment and written in C#‎.

Our goal was to build a network utility tool that can be an assistant to programmers, network managers, and private users. Our Sniffer can be useful for monitoring traffic, debugging, fault analysis, network protocol analysis, network intrusion detection, traffic measuring etc.

In order to reach our goals, project supplies some useful features that can be easily used. Features can be summarized like this:

* Organize captured packets in a connection-oriented view.
* Smart real-time analyzer enables on-the-fly content viewing while capturing and analyzing.
* Parse and decode an variety of network protocol.
* Protocol definition tool to extend protocols that are decodable.
* Powerful filter provides a flexible mechanism to capture specific packets.
* Port Scanner utility.
* Finds process that uses each connection.
* Syntax highlighting for application data.

We did not use any capture library; instead we wrote our own capture library and build a GUI that serve user an easy interface. To build capture library we used .NET network classes that provide interface to native Winsock API and asynchronous sockets that brings thread based solution to socket programming.